gpa3.58           transcript                                                    

           This degree program in computer networking enhanced my knowledge in software structure design, network building and support, and elucidated the networking concept of sharing information with other computer(s) and or devices. I had a hand on extensive experience in building and monitoring my company’s network without knowing the how and the whys. This program introduced me to the network operating systems, data infrastructures, and server management in addition to the basic of computer programming principles and system engineering.

     For years, I contemplated and procrastinated the possibility of returning to school. Part of me believed the field experience is better than all the academic theories… Finally the opposing view and my urge to leave the neutral zone that kept me stranded between the uneducated and educated people for years prevailed. Indeed, this part won, I started my academic journey, and after few long years I obtained this long awaited degree. This diploma incited and sparked my resolve to go all the way.