EZ Funds Inc.™

Innovation is the prism through which enlightenment is discovered    Dr. S. E. Morse 2013

President & CEO:

Norman Ghanem                                                                                              


I, Norman Ghanem the founder of EZ Fundstm have patent pending on the EZ-ATMXtm and the EZ Fundstm multi-use card system. In addition to its conventional features the EZ Fundstm card is a multi task card (MTCtm) that allows the member to make purchases over the Internet, directly from their computers, participating merchants, or from the revolutionary EZ-ATMXtm. All these features are instantly available when applying for the MTCtm. EZFundstm markets an anonymous instant-issue, general purpose, reloadable, stored value debit card to the general public, this card allows for full service banking from the EZ-ATMXtm, and provides Internet browsing from remote locations, such as malls, restaurants, and clubs, etc...

        EZ  Fundstm developed an enterprise server and system from scratch. It took the EZ Fundstm seven years, four engineers, and dozen helpers to develop the different modules required to instantly process unlimited number of transactions, track the activities of the users, and compensates team members for their share from each relative transaction. I, for the duration of the development worked seven days a week double shifts. I designed the separate modules, assigns the needed works to the different engineers, and at the end of every day, I test what was accomplished, and instruct the engineers on their next missions.

        The EZ-ATMXtm is a virtual mall, and more than a conventional ATM. It allows for deposits, withdrawals and the opening of new accounts - of their choice of banks - offered by not only one bank but from any and all EZ-ATMXtm participating banks. The EZ-ATMXtm offers the convenience of co-locating more than one bank in one EZ-ATMXtm. It is a multiple full banking centers in one location without the need of  human tellers and/or bank officers. The EZ-ATMXtm is the new generation banking system, without the cost of lavish buildings and highly paid employees. These impressive capabilities of the EZFundstm   System were too large for the United States Patent Office to swallow. After dragging my application for more than seven years, hundreds of recommended changes, and hundreds of thousands of Dollars; the Patent Office decided the project is TOO BIG, and they cannot give it to me. This occurs when there was no PayPal, Amazon.com, and no ATM accepting deposits!

     I held many director and management level positions with national and international responsibilities. I negotiated, and obtained contractual relationships with AMOCO Oil Company, Novik and Company, BASF, Dupont, and Sears.  I have more than 40 years of experience in Management, Marketing, and Distribution. Additionally, I secured the Trademark Registration for the name EZ Fundstm.  That was despite the furious legal fight with  Nationwide Insurance Company for the same name.

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