Ghanem Inc. started as a national and international company. It was intended to export from the United States to the West African countries... From its inception Ghanem Inc.  acquired a gasoline service station. In addition to its success in shipping textiles to West Africa, the sales in the gasoline station  increased by more than 60% in the first seven months of operation; Amoco Company Immediately offered me another location free of charges and  three months free rent. The second location was supposed to pump 150 thousand gallons per month; in the same year the number of gallons pumped in the second location surpassed the 350 thousand gallons... Our sales that year surpassed the $6 million Dollars.  Amoco thereafter offered me another station and another one later totaling four locations. Few years later Ghanem Inc. co-partnered with Novik inc. a New York textiles Company in the corporation of “All textiles Inc.” the total sales of this new formed corporation surpassed the 5 million Dollars per year… Ghanem Inc. sold the gasoline stations, signed a contract with BASF for the sales of automotive paints and colorants to the third world, and later I signed another contract with Du Pont for the sales of Titanium Dioxide also, to the third world... Ghanem Inc. thereafter formed Nova Enterprises a Delaware Corporation that successfully signed a contract with Sears and company to build Service Stations and Convenient Stores in the majority of Sears’s stores in the United States and Mexico.

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