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Chess is intellectually very demanding and the most complex and most fascinating game for those who know it and love it. There is an interesting story about the man, who invented the chess coming from Persia and this story is around 800 years old. A wise man invented the game of chess to show the king how important everything is. The king, understood the game very well, liked it very much, he became a chess player, and ordered that this game should be played by everybody in his kingdom.

The king asked the wise man to take as much he wants; gold, silver, or other valuables from the kingdom treasury. The man said; my wish is to get some wheat! Please put one grain of wheat on to the first chess square and two on to the second and keep doubling up the wheat until the last square is filled. The king said that is all what you want; the man replied yes your majesty. He ordered the treasury to fulfill that wise man’s wish.

The chess have 64 squares. How many LBS of wheat do you think the wise man ended with?

I know he ended with nothing!

Do you know how many LBS of wheat it took to fulfill his order?

Can you please calculate the number?

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