I am seeking a position with a growing organization where I can practice my experience in national and international business relations, globalization, capital markets, business diplomacy, economic analysis, project management, leadership, B2B, customer relation management (CRM) and new business development. My background and experiences are comprised of Marketing, Retail, Inventory Control, Advertisement, Business Safety, security, and asset protection. Staffing, Training, Public Relations, and I consider myself a continuous work in progress. I am always seeking new ways to challenge myself and learn different things which have made for unique opportunities and loads of personal and professional growth.


I am a goal-oriented professional possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills, effective critical thinking, organizational and planning experience, also strong work ethic with demonstrated success in both teamwork and individual situations. My strengths also include quantitative and qualitative analysis, planning, project management and program execution.


My work history is very rich with highly valuable accomplishments, and most of my vocational life I spent multitasking between two or more enterprises. I have a history of international business commerce, and public relations. I speak, read, and write Arabic fluently. I am familiar with the traditions and cultures of most African, and Middle East contries.

General Manager                                                                                                         2004 to 2015

Monaco Motors, Deerfield Beach, Florida

I am responsible for identifying and pursuing business opportunities. I direct market and assist the sales team in their service, sales, and leasing efforts. I staff, direct, and provide leadership towards the achievement of maximum profitability and growth, in line with the company’s vision and values. Under my supervision the company maintained stable growth, despite the recession most comparable companies suffered for the last few years. The business grew by working in concert with the local market sales and installation, and building and facilitating new accounts. This occurred while I also in parallel worked part times for Advance Auto Parts as a Retail Part Pro. Also as the Commercial Sales Manager for Pep Boys while I am enrolled in college. My experience with these companies updated my knowledge, experience, and allowed me to stay current with the industry.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)                                                                         1999 to 2007

EZ Funds, Inc. Electronic Funds Transfer Company (EFT), Deerfield Beach, Florida

I designed, tested, and debugged an enterprise Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) computer server system, called EZ Funds™. It took EZ Funds™ seven years, four engineers, and dozen helpers to develop the different modules required to instantly process unlimited number of transactions, track the activities of the users, and compensate team members for their shares from each relative transaction. One of EZ Funds™ unique products is the EZ-ATMX™, a virtual mall, and more than a conventional ATM. It allows for deposits, withdrawals and the opening of new bank accounts – a bank of the customer’s choice - offered by not only one bank but from any and all participating banks. The EZ-ATMX™ offers the convenience of co-locating more than one bank in one EZ-ATMX™. It is a multiple full banking center in one location without the need of human tellers and/or bank officers. The EZ-ATMX™ is the new generation banking system, without the cost of lavish buildings and highly paid employees. This occurs long before there was PayPal, Amazon.com, and ATM accepting deposits!

Customer service manager                                                                                                1983 to 1994

Ghanem, Inc. Boca Raton, Florida

Ghanem Inc. started as a national and international company. It was intended to export from the United States to the West African countries. From the start Ghanem Inc. simultaneously acquired a gasoline service station. In addition to its success in shipping textiles to West Africa, Its first gasoline station sales increased by more than 60% in the first seven months of operation; Amoco Company Immediately offered me another location free of charges and with three months free rent. The second location was supposed to pump 150 thousand gallons per month; in the same year the number of gallons pumped surpassed the 350 thousand gallons per month. Our sales that year surpassed the $6 million Dollars. Amoco thereafter offered me another station and another one later totaling four locations. I had a team for more than 30 people working different shifts; 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. Few years later Ghanem Inc. co-partnered with Novik inc. a New York textiles Company in the structure of "All textiles Inc." this new formed corporation total sales surpassed the 5 million Dollars in one year… Ghanem Inc. sold the gasoline stations, signed a contract with BASF for the sales of automotive paints and colorants to the third world, and later another contract was signed with Du Pont for the sales of Titanium Dioxide also to the third world. Ghanem Inc. thereafter formed Nova Enterprises a Delaware Corporation that successfully signed a contract with Sears and company to build Service Stations and Convenient Stores in the majority of Sears’s stores in the United States and Mexico.


University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

I am MBA (Master in Business Administration) graduate, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication with Concentration in Communication & Technology (BS/COM-CT), and an Associate Degree in Computer Networking, I shall soon start my Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Information Systems and Technology.  Transcripts of all these degrees are available upon request.

•My overall GPA - 3.50/4.00


International Business, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing and Promotion, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Federal Taxation, Economic Statistics, Retailing, Economic Finance, Quantitative Methods Of Business and Economics, Business Research and Report Writing, Business Policy, Management Information Systems, Economics 1&2, Business Communication, Sales Management, Marketing Management.


The knowledge and skills for effective communication in a variety of public and private work environments to build upon personal and professional communication experiences, for the development of professional competence and values. Also critical thinking, problem solving, information utilization, and collaboration focus on the development of core communication competencies. This knowledge emphasizes on interpersonal, small group organizational and mass communication including business communication, diversity, intercultural communication, leadership, conflict resolution, legal and ethical issues, media, culture, and future trends in communication technology.


Elected by fellow peers for many leadership roles, managed a team of 30 or more participants and collaborated with local business owners/faculty to foster strong sense of community, improved relationships, and diversity of extracurricular activities. Boca Raton Fl, 2006 - 2010


My acclaimed experience in troubleshooting, problem solving technical issues, repairing computer devices, and updating systems, in addition to my interpersonal relationships are recognized and appreciated by my surrounding. I am proficient with certificates of completion in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint, both 2003 and 2007 Editions, QuickBooks, and Lately I mastered the Automobile Dealership Management System Software called Auto/MateŽ.

I completed legal and incident-reporting management class and crisis intervention course. My profound knowledge of the community resources in addition to my academic skill building programs collectively created a team-ship environment that best serve my surrounding while implementing a strength-based approach in various crisis situations. I attended many seminars in Sales, Communications, Time Management and POS Technology.  


Advisory Committee Member, Youth Care Counselor, BCIS, Boca Raton, Fl, summer 2004

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